Why Is Gardening Good Medicine?

Dear Gardeners,

For many years the clubs of Indiana have plugged garden therapy. They’re new building a garden of fragrance for the blind.¬† Do you think this is a waste of money?

Of course this is built with government monies. But where did the funds come from?


The government has no money, resources or other assets without YOU!

A section of Leeper Park, at South Bend, will be planted with only the sweetest, most fragrant trees, shrubs, and flowers. The blind will be introduced to the plants and life outdoors.

They’ll be taught how to identify plants by their scent, allowed to tough them, and if they choose, to work in the gardens with specially designed tools.

Now that is a great idea for not only the sight challenged, but with a little brainstorming, there are many other groups of people that would benefit. One group would be the elderly. Many Senior Citizens are spending their days in retirement communities. They could easily be spending that time getting more activity by gardening.

Herb gardening can be done indoors as well as out doors also. The amount of space needed in minimal. There is even a form of gardening with herbs or vegetables on the windowsill. Works wonders for those who are home-bound and cannot get out and about.

That club, when finished in Indiana will bring a host of joy to millions of people around the area. Fore example when the garden is completed a notable example of the effort the clubs of Indiana have put into rehabilitating the unfortunate souls is not soon forgotten.

Best wishes