Potted Herb Garden

A potted herb garden is ideal for you if you are interested in herb gardening but are short of time and space. Herb gardening is a wonderful past time. Some people have taken to the subject and have gone on to establish businesses for their love of herbs.

You don’t need an agricultural degree from Michigan State University in order to enjoy the fruits of laboring in your own herb garden. If you can understand a few facts and ideas as we lay them out here, you will do well with a garden of your own.

Lets get started.

1. First things first. You need to know that herb gardening success will depend upon your drying your herbs for winter. Proper drying is essential and even though different plants and varieties may have to be cut off or pruned in July or so, you will have to wash them in cold water to prepare them for this process.

2. Once you snip off the tops, you have to hang them in such a fashion so that the water droplets can naturally fall off or allow for evaporation. If you hang them upside down this would be ideal. But only after you put the stems together and rubber band or clip them with a clip or some type.

3. Now at this point you are about 50% done. Wait a few weeks before removing them from your paper bags. You can crumble the leaves at that point. You could also place them in a drying oven to ensure they are nice and crisp.

Exercise caution even though at this stage you’ll probably be in a hurry to get the harvest done. So, please be patient and avoid burning up the plants in the oven.

4. If you are a true herb aficionado, then you have another tactic to. Just place the herbs on a few trays. Let them sit in the sun. This helps to eradicate any insects that may be hiding on the leaves. Flip them over after they dry to get the full effect. If you live in the Southwest of the United States, you’ll have plenty of sunshine to do this with. However, for those of you living where the sun just doesn’t shine much, you can use options one through three above.