How to Water Plants Properly

Dear Herb Gardener,
Watering is essential in gardening of all types. It could be a flower garden, a kitchen garden or a backyard garden, watering is essential to the life of your plants. Get this right and you are helping the plants to grow, blossom and bloom into the flower with which nature intended their creation. However, if you water improperly, too little, too much etc. this could spell the death of your plants.

Seedling Basics for Growth
You probably already know that the seed cannot vegetate, and the plant cannot grow without water. Carbon, and all the other substances that form the food of plants, must be dissolved in water to enable the spongioles to take them up; and the spongioles themselves, unless they are kept moist, will soon lose their power of absorption. Nothing indeed can be more evident, even to a common observer, than the necessity that plants feel for water; if a mimulus or a pelargonium in a pot, for example, hang its head and droop its leaves, what an extraordinary and rapid effect is produced by giving it water! In an almost incredibly short time its leaves become firm, and its stem erect: and the plant is not only preserved from death, but restored to full health and beauty.

How to Water Simply
Watering appears to be an extremely simple operation, yet folks get it wrong all the time. Follow these basic points to get it right. First is, never to saturate the soil. Water, to be in the best state for being taken up by the plants, should be kept in detached globules by the admixture of air; and it should be only slightly impregnated with nourishing matter from decaying animal or vegetable substances. Nothing can be more wonderful than supplying plants properly with water than rain water. In falling through the atmosphere, it is thoroughly mixed with the air; and in sinking into the soil it becomes slightly impregnated with nutritious qualities, which it is thus enabled to convey, in the most positive manner, to the plants.

Avoid Plant Water Injuries
Another very common mistake, in watering, is to pour the water down close to the stem of the plant. This is injurious in every respect. Water, when poured profusely on the collar of the plant, which is the point of junction between the root and the stem, is likely to rot, or otherwise seriously injure that vital part; while the spongioles, which alone can absorb the water, so as to benefit the plant, being at the extrem end of the roots, are always as far removed from the stem as the nature of the plant will allow. You know that the distance from the stem at which water should be given varies in different plants. In those that have tap-roots, such as the carrot, and many other culi. nary vegetables, the lateral fibrous roots are short, and the spongioles are comparatively near the stem; but in trees, and moat plants having spreading roots, the spongioles are generally as far distant from the stem as the extremity of the branches; and the water, to be efficacious, should be given there.

As you can see, avoiding some of the watering plant injuries, by simply watering with purpose can help your little seedlings to sprout and grow, grow, grow. The next steps are for you to take action and put these helpful ideas to work on your own plants or herb garden today.

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