Are You Ashamed of Your Herb Garden Plants?

Dear Friend,
If you have planted herb garden plants before, the time will come when you need to harvest them. This is a happy occasion. Albeit some find that this is just more work. But you have no doubt watched your little herb plants grow and blossom into the fruit that you want to eat.  When you use herbs from your own garden it does require a bit of preparation before you want to consume them. This is a normal reaction, but consider that even the most lovely English garden rose is subject to being the centerpiece at the dinner table.

In this piece, we’ll discuss some things you need to know before you add your herbs to your foods or prior to using them for medicinal purposes. Herbs are much like any plant in nature, your timing for harvesting them is essential to getting the most from your herb garden. If you are too late, this can be a problem. Some of your plants will be to old or “aged” for giving you the benefits you want.

For instance, some plants are fragile and sensitive. They require that you harvest them in the right temperature, at the right time of the year and the weather on that day should not be wet. The reasons why are that fewer oils are produced by the herbs on wet days. Did you know that? Some of these tips you can get from forums or herb garden kits. But others will come from articles these.

You should strive to harvest your herbs just after the morning dew has dried on the leaves. This makes them right for picking and storing prior to the flowers opening. If you don’t hit the timing right, you may be causing your plants more harm than good.

So, let me ask you. . .

Are you making these harvesting mistakes when harvesting your herb garden plants?

1. Harvesting the herbs when it has just rained. This is a big NO NO depending on your climate. If you attempt to harvest in wet conditions, your plants take longer to dry out, they also yield less oils on a per plant basis versus doing your harvest in drier conditions. Additionally, you may pull of to much of the foliage because the leaves are wet.

2. Harvesting on windy days. This negatively impacts the essential herb oils. You’ll have less success when you ignore the weather to “get it done”.

3. Trying to “speed up” the use of your herbs. Listen, you cannot rush nature. You cannot use herbs in cooking if the plant is under developed. Well, you could, but the results you wanted won’t be realized because the plant is premature.

4. Taking over one third of the plant’s foliage at a time. If you do this your herb garden plants won’t have anything to start the growth process over again for next year. This mistake happens more often than most will admit. But you can avoid it by just taking only one third of the plant. This means you’ll leave a good amount of foliage for regrowth next time.

5. Not inspecting the plants for pests, insects and evidence of critters in your garden. Basic herb garden how to keep pests away strategies include using natural pest abatements, fences and such. Some even employ sound machines and special lighting to keep insects. They can damage your entire garden and only leave a trace after the damage is done.

If you follow the five tips in this article, you will be on your way to producing a bumper crop with your own herb garden plants for sure.