How Herb Garden Kits Make Harvest Easy

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One misconception for many people concerns herb garden kits. They are often viewed as just another expense on the road to enjoying a hobby. But did you know that there are companies all around you that would love access to your herbs?

Popular restaurants may make the best meals and provide  a dining experience out of this world. But at the center of this is herbs. The only way to make the most of their business is by providing the best possible spices for their chefs to blend and get the flavors just right for you.

— Definition —-

Harvest: harvest is an agricultural term used to refer to the growing cycle where you pick up and process all of the crops you have prepared. This also includes the herb garden plants. They have a natural life cycle that begins when the seeds or pellets are planted in the soil and ends when the fruits are pulled off for food.

—- End Definition —

When It Comes To Harvesting Herbs There Here Are Some Basic Instructions To Follow.

1. Cut the herbs into 1/4 inch pieces. Then place them on a platter or baking sheet. Make sure you line the baking sheet with non-stick baking spray or use waxed paper for ease of use.

2. You can freeze the herbs. You could just let them “air dry” out. The air drying obviously may take longer.

3. You can also decide to place the herbs in a solution. The solution you use may depend upon you. Some people use vinegar. Others prefer oil. This is solely up to you. On a health note, the vinegar or olive oil probably are about equal in terms of health benefits. Salt has been around since the beginning of man. It is a proven preservative. You would just layer the sale in between the herbs and stack them accordingly. Simple and you are done in a flash.

How To Store Herb Garden Plants

Finally, place them in an airtight container. and label it of course. Trust me on this. One of the frustrations with herb garden plants is building a library of them. If labeled properly, you will have fresh herbs for all types of purposes, from medicinal to culinary. Without such, it becomes a big mess or confusion.

As an aside, you should always clean your herbs before putting them into your foods. Especially if they just came from your herb garden. This is simple to do as well.

Just place about 2 tablespoons of salt in some water. You can use your clean kitchen sink or a large bowel. Rinse these herbs in this mixture of salt and water. Rinse them under cool water and dry them out as described above.

As always you should follow the instructions for using herbs. They have many purposes and provide benefits that cannot be had by some medicines for example. So just make sure you follow your herb garden kits instructions and soon you’ll have your own herb garden to enjoy.