Herb Garden How To Prepare for Harvest

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Herb garden how to prepare for harvest is a very popular topic in herb and organic gardening forums. People just like you want to know just what should they do and avoid doing to produce a bounty of herbs.

Well, the truth be told, the harvest time is a time for bringing in the results of your very diligent efforts from before. Some people complain that a certain herb garden plants have failed to grow in their area. There are many things that could cause this. But if you ask a little closer, many will admit that they failed to water, and provide the essential nourishment the plants require every day to grow, blossom and bloom and yield its fruits albeit in harvest.

Albert Einstein the great scientist once said, “to do something the same way and expect a different result is the definition of insanity.”

If you examine Mr. Einstein’s quote carefully it provides the clues as to why people fail with growing herbs. You can use herb garden kits that provide everything you need for a solid garden, but if you fail to follow the instructions you won’t have a good harvest. This is not complicated. But it does require that you follow basic instructions.

There are three ways that people commonly use to prepare herbs for use later on. They are Drying, Freezing and Storing them in some liquids.

1. If you want to use the drying method, all you have to do is bundle up about  four (4) to six (6) plants after removing the foliage from the stem and base. You can wrap them with string or twine if you like for convenience. Next you would hang them up in a cool location out of direct sunlight.

You could also do this with individual leaves. Just place them on a rack or backing tray that allows the air to naturally go underneath and on top of the plants while laying down. Don’t forget to rotate them from the front to the back frequently. This enables them to dry evenly.

See how simple that was?

2.  You can also use appliance like a freeze dryer or a dehydrator to accomplish this method with less time. First you don’t have to keep turning them over and over. Also you can use a bit of electricity to go a long way with most machines.

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3. Freezing them is the next oldest method. Just because it is old does not mean it wont’ work for you today.

There you have it herb garden how to start the harvesting process in three simple steps. Following this tips will enable you to have the herb garden of your dreams.