Fresh Herb Garden

Fresh herb garden produces Rosemary and basil as two “complementary” herbs. Adding them to your list of herb garden plants is not a matter of choice but almost one of necessity.

Here’s why?

When it comes to providing wonderful flavor and aromatic essence, noting compares to the twin towers of rosemary and basil.

Both of these herbs are beneficial in the garden, as they aid other herbs and plants to grow, expand, blossom and bloom.

Growing your own herbs used to be a forgotten past time. But now many people are getting in on the action. Do you know why?

It’s fun! That explains why kids as young as 7 are aiding their parents and grand parents in growing and flourishing a local garden. Even in areas where a garden plot is more difficult to come by like Brooklyn New York. In these areas people are establishing “community gardens” where once the likes of gangs and violence had taken hold of the community. Drugs, illicit sex and robberies used to be the norm. Now you have herb gardens flourishing in this once blighted area.

You may wish to add more than just Rosemary and basil to your garden, in fact you should. The number and undisputed champion of herbs is that of garlic. Garlic as you may know has been found to provide enormous benefits to people not just for tasting great in pasta based dishes either.

If you were to look at this one aspect of herb garden plants, you would see that the medicinal aspect of herb gardening make it a sure fire way to not only do good for yourself and society at large, but many manufacturers would be willing to buy your products eg, herbs from you. They will never have enough and even if you looked locally, you could easily find more than seven restaurants that would die for your locally grown herbs.

Another little know venture you could tap into include establishing a local co-operative. This is not so much for profits but more for helping others in the community to trade with each other the goods and resources you’ve created with your own hands. To get this going, I’d suggest you take a look at your local health food store. You may find a proverbial gold mine within your own community. Getting started could be as simple as hanging a flier up on the bulletin board offering your herbs for sale or on consignment or barter for that matter.