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Common North American Butterflies

Common North American Butterflies North America has a wide variety of butterfly species.  There are several hundred known species of butterfly that live in North America.  We’re going to take a look at a few of the most common North American butterflies. The monarch butterfly is one of the most well-known butterfly species.  It’s common […]

Why Is Gardening Good Medicine?

A section of Leeper Park, at South Bend, will be planted with only the sweetest, most fragrant trees, shrubs, and flowers. The blind will be introduced to the plants and life outdoors.

How to Water Plants Properly

Dear Herb Gardener, Watering is essential in gardening of all types. It could be a flower garden, a kitchen garden or a backyard garden, watering is essential to the life of your plants. Get this right and you are helping the plants to grow, blossom and bloom into the flower with which nature intended their […]

Potted Herb Garden

A potted herb garden is ideal for you if you are interested in herb gardening but are short of time and space. Herb gardening is a wonderful past time. Some people have taken to the subject and have gone on to establish businesses for their love of herbs. You don’t need an agricultural degree from […]

Fresh Herb Garden

Fresh herb garden produces Rosemary and basil as two “complementary” herbs. Adding them to your list of herb garden plants is not a matter of choice but almost one of necessity. Here’s why? When it comes to providing wonderful flavor and aromatic essence, noting compares to the twin towers of rosemary and basil. Both of […]

Italian Herb Garden Plants

Italian herb garden plants are increasingly becoming popular among people of all ages for fun and pleasure. Some remark that it just feels great to do something for others as well as help themselves. Growing your own herbs is really not that difficult. It used to be that you needed your own “plot” of land. […]

Windowsill Herb Garden

Windowsill herb garden plants remain one of the bright spots for hobbies or pastimes that you should consider taking up. The benefits and self-actualization you will feel from growing herbs is fantastic. Many people often strive to get involved in activities that help others. Herb gardeners are as a professional unsung heroes. Consider that delicious […]

Herb Garden Designs

Herb garden designs are not that uncommon. Using the Bible, herbs have been traced back to the times of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They have also been seen in the ancient cultures of the Chinese and Egyptians. There are references to herbs during medieval times also show the long lasting and […]