Butterfly Nectar Plants

Butterfly Nectar Plants

If you’re going to start a butterfly garden, you’re going to need to choose some flowers and plants that will attract them.  To do that, you need to choose varieties that are common food sources for a variety of types of butterflies.

You’ll need a pretty wide variety of plants that bloom continuously all summer, and provide a lot of nectar.  Butterflies are most active during the mid-to-late summer, so you’ll need to have flowers that bloom during that time.

Annuals tend to bloom all summer, so if you want continuous blooms you should be sure to include plenty of annuals in your garden.  Many perennials are also great at attracting butterflies, but they may not bloom all season.

Be sure to plant larger plants in the back and shorter ones in the front.  The taller plants will help block wind from disturbing butterflies and their eggs, and if they’re in the back, they won’t obstruct your view of the butterflies!

There are many shrubs and trees that you can use as windbreaks for your butterfly garden.  These shrubs and trees will also attract butterflies with their sweet, nectar-producing blooms.  You can try pear trees, plum trees, mock oranges, butterfly bush, hawthorn, blueberry, rose of Sharon, privet hedge, summersweet, redbud, buttonbush, autumn olive, abelia, and buddleia.